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There is an important common "glue" that has been instrumental in helping Kappes Miller Management build an impressive track record in the real estate industry.  Our exclusive "We're Here Because You're Here" attitude and service guarantee to our clients.  Part of this spirit of valuing our clients is instilled from the first day our employees are hired.  They know that our company has the "can do" or "our pleasure" attitude towards all service and client requests.

Successful client retention is then a function of how well we implement our service programs, and since we already know that service is based on a person's perception (they either perceive you have it or you don't), employees at Kappes Miller Management know that our clients concerns are our concerns, and follow up is the key to assure that our quality control system is alive and well.

We treat each property as if it were our own.  All properties managed by Kappes Miller Management are operated the same - and with the same high standards for budget compliance, our client satisfaction.  We have committed our future to the management of your real estate; thus, our reputation and future rides on our success with you.