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Our Philosophy

Superior Service to our Residents

At Kappes Miller Management, we believe that the most important people we contact are the owners and residents of the properties we manage. These individuals provide the support that helps determine an Association's success or failure. Our ability to provide superior service leads to satisfied customers. Satisfied customers lead to a more cooperative and involved community, translating into a more constructive living environment. Any Condominium Association with satisfied owners increases the overall appeal of the community, resulting in higher property values. Therefore, we hire property managers as much for their public relations skills and responsiveness to resident needs, as for their knowledge of building maintenance and accounting.

Superior Service to our Boards of Directors

We pride ourselves on our communication with our Boards of Directors; communication not only by means of a financial statement at the end of each month, but communication that allows the Board to understand the overall condition of their buildings. We believe that our Boards of Directors need to understand the events that lead up to a certain expense as much as they need to know the precise dollar amount of the expense.

We offer our Boards of Directors more than just a monthly collection of maintenance fees. We offer the understanding of how an efficient Condominium Association operates. We offer the proper guidance to ensure that the Condominium Associations we manage operate properly and are adequately funded. We offer the understanding of how changes in the market affect property values, and the know-how to adapt a property's strategy to best bring about positive results.

No two Associations are alike. Each Condominium Association develops its own personality, with its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. These characteristics must be effectively communicated to the Board of Directors for them to make the best decisions for the well-being of the Condominium Association.

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