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Financial Services

“Healthy finances are critical to the sound operation of a community. We take great pride in our ability to manage the critical areas of our client's financial activity while ensuring the security of the Association's assets.”

Barry Fortier - Controller

We place our greatest emphasis on our accounting and our proven ability to manage our clients' funds. All accounts are managed by a network computer system, utilizing Skyline® software, a leading property management accounting software designed specifically for the real estate industry. Skyline® exceeds all standards for property management accounting software developed by the Institute for Real Estate Management Foundation (IREM®).

Incorporated with Skyline's powerful performance is its capability of customizing reports, allowing us to sort, summarize, arrange and output a variety of property data just the way you want it. Reports can be as simple or elaborate as your needs require.

Specific accounting services that we offer are:

Bank Accounts.

Assure that all operating, reserve and other accounts are properly set up, maintained, and reconciled.


Enforce collection of monthly assessments and other charges. Maintain aggressive follow-up action on all unpaid assessments or fees. Administer an automatic withdrawal program for homeowners who wish to have their monthly assessments automatically deducted from their bank account.

Resident Ledgers.

Keep accurate records of homeowner occupancy and receipts. Distribute coupon billing booklets to all current and new homeowners.


Approve time sheets, distribute payroll and prepare necessary tax reports for all on-site personnel.


Prepare annual operating budget for review and approval by the Board and/or Association. Help the Board maintain a long-range capital replacement reserve schedule.


Approve and pay all invoices twice per month in accordance with the budget. Provide copies of all bills and invoices paid from the Association's account if requested.

Financial Statements.

Prepare monthly financial statements showing total monthly and year-to-date activity by line item. Compare budgeted income and expenses to actual income and expenses and suggest corrective action to the Board when advisable.


Assist the Association's outside accountant/auditor in performing the annual audit and federal income tax preparation.

Financial Statements
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